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This service is based on internet telepathy and will normally connect at the set time unless your primary voice line is in use for the Internet, please use an alternate phone line, or the dialing delay option listed below.

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Direct Line : 1-855-787-3349

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We can help you with all your needs!

Sometimes you just want to talk or chat to someone who can help!. If you don't want to send an Email you can now Chat Live via Downloading Skype  to your computer. and please add my Skype Name "Leo-Sag"  to your Contact List. So if you just want to place a call and reach a real-live person on the phone or by Computer .... you will have  someone who understands your question, and wants to find an answer. That's why Sure-Fix Solutions Center is available to you seven days a week to help!.  Just pick up the phone and give us a call!    1-855-SUREFIX                                                      

 Perfectly Unique & High Quality Content.

We can get you on the right path fast!

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